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3 Ways to Put a Prison Out of Business

2 out of every five men released from prison will return within 3 years.

2ndSaturday began its social enterprise, 2S Industries, to build a business that puts prison out of business. We intentionally hire men from West and South Dallas who have a felony record and put them to work in landscaping, construction and home renovation, in order

We are putting Dallas’ most underutilized resources (it’s ex-con community) to work, building lives while building literal communities. Here are just some ways we intend to use business to put prison out of business:

  1. Foster a community of present fathers & male community leadership – In the communities we serve, the prevalence of absent fathers and deadbeat dads is an epidemic. But there are many, driven, hardworking fathers (often victims themselves) who want to provide and lead their families well who get job door after door shut in their face. They’re just looking for a shot, and that’s what we give them. Work is a stabilizing force for a family, and an opportunity to build sources of health into fatherless communities. Our 2S Industries employees are not just cogs in a machine, but men we invest in personally and train to lead at work, at ho

me, and in their neighborhood.

  1. Create jobs that celebrate the dignity of the individual – Meaningful work isn’t about creating widgets for cash; it’s a fundamental part of what it means to be human being. We believe a job that allows men to provide and that they can be proud of can beat the illegal options out there every time. We also believe everyone is made in the image of God, they have inherent worth, and that part of that worth includes opportunities to work (after all, even God works). 2S Industries takes on community restoration projects, home builds/renovations and eventually even affordable housing in communities in need throughout Dallas, and our employees are empowered to be an active agent of the transformation happening in our city.

  2. Walk with people on their pathway out of poverty – Crime is often a function of poverty, and finding solutions to poverty is incredibly complex, to say the least. But the best way to fight poverty is to avoid paternalism: walk relationally alongside those in need as a brother and not a father, and provide them with the tools to own their own development. Our Industries guys have a variety of community services available to them, but the most valuable is a growing network of folks who care about them and are learning together with them.

This is what we’ve been building with 2S Industries, and it’s what we intend to grow now with the creation of the 2ndSaturday Employment and Empowerment Center through our Redeem Dallas Campaign. We want you on this journey with us! With your help we could put a prison out of business and position former felons as future leaders in West and South Dallas.

To learn more, to contribute, or to connect us to the resources we need to make this happen, connect with us here. Or go here to give.

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