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We're Changing Our Name: Announcing our NEW NAME IDEA CONTEST

A lot has changed in the almost 10 years since 2ndSaturday began in 2009. We:

-became a government-recognized nonprofit

-grew from 9 volunteers and one site to over 1,500 volunteers and 30+ homes annually

-created an award-winning social enterprise that employs ex-offenders in our city

-reinvested over $1,000,000 in sustainable revenue directly into the lives and development of those we serve

-moved from a raccoon-infested corner of the old DHA building to a purchased 1/2 acre property in the heart of South Dallas

-are building a training center/workshop to do onsite, on-the-job training for ex-offenders from our city

...and we believe we're just getting started.

That's why we're changing the name of our organization this year: to more accurately reflect the mission that we believe God has us on and the new opportunities that we've been presented for community impact.

While our 2ndSaturday events are what we're known for, we're now much more than a once-a-month presence in this city. There is so much more that is happening now and will be happening in the communities we serve through you and through this organization. So our leadership is seeking a new way to accurately articulate that, to position ourselves meaningfully, to communicate what we do carefully.

Here's where you come in: 2ndSaturday has always been and always will be a primarily "volunteer-led" movement, and so naturally we are inviting you, our volunteer community, stakeholders, supporters and friends to help us generate as many possibilities for a new name for our overarching organization, our community development corporation. Guess what? If you come up with our new name or closely inspire what our leadership chooses based on your suggestions, you win a $250 prize!

We are hoping that one of you holds the key to our new name within your genius self. Send us what you've got, and if you think about it, stop and say a prayer as we seek to move into the arenas that God has for us!



"What's wrong with '2ndSaturday'?"

Nothing! It's been our nonprofit name since we started. Our monthly events will always be on and be called 2ndSaturday (no space between 'd' and 'S', by the way), but our nonprofit, which does 2ndSaturday events, now has a social business called 2S Industries, and will do other things as God directs, will be called something else, something bigger, broader, but that captures and more clearly communicates the heart of this ministry to our city.

"How/when should we send you ideas?"

Whenever and however you like! Email, website, blog comments, when you bump into our staff or leaders at the supermarket, etc. As a key part of 2S, we want to hear from YOU this spring!

"Any pointers? Things that would help us with how to think/not think about it when coming up with ideas?"

Yes! Check all this:

Remember a great name is technically just a word or words but it can mean so much. For example:

  • A founder or inventor’s name (Hewlett-Packard)

  • A description what the company does (Southwest Airlines)

  • A description of an experience or image (Sprint)

  • A word out of context (Apple)

  • A made up word (Google)

And your suggestions can be descriptive names that tell something concrete about the 2S “business” -- what it does, where it's located and so on. Or suggestive names that are more abstract. They focus on what 2S is about.

What are we naming? A community nonprofit with multiple different impact activities serving impoverished individuals and families in West and South Dallas.

To whom are we talking?

To those willing to do the work
- They are volunteers, investors, homeowners, and felons whom NewCo works with. But it’s not just anyone, the right person for this job has to be eager and willing to do the work. That is, willing to shoulder the responsibilities themselves. While NewCo provides education, discipleship and opportunity, these folks must have the right attitude and be willing to dig into the manual labor as well as the relationships to make the most of that opportunity.

What does the audience currently think about the brand?

“It’s a great event one weekend a month to help people less fortunate that me.”

What would we like the audience to think?

“2S takes a different approach to make an impact in the community. They are not a one-time service opportunity but a relationship-driven nonprofit that’s making long term impact in people’s lives.”

What are the key theme(s) the name should communicate?



New Beginnings

Hands on work


The name should reflect the personality of 2S:

· Present – they are engaged, attentive, and relational

· Real – they are authentic, aware, and approachable

· Hopeful – they don’t give into despair, but point people towards hope

· Resourceful – they are scrappy, unpretentious, pragmatic, and helpful


The name should be solid, not fanciful, not cheesy

The name must quickly connote the key messages

The name must inspire confidence

The name should not be too much like other local nonprofits, community friends/partners (avoid words like "hope", "builder", "bridge")

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