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It all starts with a faithful few.

2ndSaturday Stakeholders are keeping the dream of hands-on, life-on-life, grassroots community transformation alive. Their joy and monthly generosity helps insure the impact we're making lives long into the future. 

A monthly gift of just $50 will ultimately pay for the average home repair needs of one of our seniors this year, and provide the tools and personalized care that an ex-offender needs to learn valuable skills and secure employment. 

Build 2ndSaturday, restore dignity, redeem their future.

Jason H.

David S.

Mark B.

Clayton D.

Raymond L.

Andrew W.

Jack M.

Stephen S.

Kyle H.

Justin M.

Kurt R.

Angela W.

Brant M.

Jeffrey M.

Matthew D.

Scott D.

Jonathan B.

Ashley N.

Kristi L.

Connor S.

Dan Y.

Emily M.

Steadman H.

Alaethea H.

Justin N.

John-Michael R.

Matt S.

Jeremy C.

Christa T.

Danielle J.

Derek E.

Ryan M.

Matt H.

Shelly A.

Angie P.

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