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What our clients, communities, volunteers & staff are celebrating as we look back at an incredible year.

YOU made all this possible!

I’m amazed at all that was accomplished by our incredible leaders, volunteers, donors and partnerships in 2016. As I look back, there is so much to celebrate:


  • The stories of volunteers falling in love with neighborhoods in need and hearts transformed

  • The deepening of meaningful relationships with residents across socioeconomic, age, ethnic and even religious lines

  • The continued growth and community-wide exposure of 2S Industries and the completion of our biggest projects to date

  • The lives of former felons changed simply because they weren’t judged by “their record” and received a 2nd chance at success

  • The streets with a renewed sense of pride because they are actively contributing to making neighborhoods better

These are things that only happen when God is at work, when we forgo our comforts and avail ourselves to the opportunities to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Early this year our board leadership spent time refining our organizational mission, vision and values, and I’m so pleased with the direction God

is leading us. 2ndSaturday is a volunteer-led movement that exists to inspire and empower our forgotten neighbors to experience their God-given value through relationship, service and community transformation.

This is our mission; and I’ve been consistently amazed at how that has been fleshed out in 2016. In short, this year we are celebrating YOU. It’s your hard work, your prayers, your connections, and your financial generosity that have taken 2ndSaturday and 2S Industries from a dream to a reality that is impacting real individuals and communities as I write this. And we’re just getting started.


From myself, my staff, our amazing volunteer leaders and from those families we are tirelessly committed to serving: THANK YOU for investing your time, talent and treasure to bring gospel-motivated transformation to West and South Dallas this year!



Todd Fields




Scott Hartman

Vice President of Sales

Miller Heiman Group

We live in a time when the conversation is frequently about turmoil in the elections, economy, and difficult events around the world. My faith allows me to confidently navigate these times while serving on the board of 2ndSaturday. Imagine if the trials you faced involved how you were going to keep your plumbing working or where you were going to hustle at work to afford to eat. We live in one of the wealthiest cities in the wealthiest country in the world, yet these are struggles many of our neighbors face every day. It is into this sea of need in West and South Dallas that 2ndSaturday seeks to cast hope and opportunity. 2ndSaturday is a volunteer led movement that exists to inspire and empower our forgotten neighbors to experience their God-given value through relationship, service, and community transformation.


We serve this mission through thousands of volunteers who look to become missionaries by leveraging our unique, God-given skills to go out and serve within the Dallas community. We serve two primary demographics – the low income, disabled senior citizen and the formerly incarcerated male.


Our social enterprise 2SIndustries operates a land care and home restoration business employing formerly incarcerated men. Through these businesses we are able to provide these men jobs, Christian fellowship, and mentoring with the goal of turning the most underutilized assets in Dallas into leaders in their homes and the community.


To serve low income, disabled senior citizens 2ndSaturday deploys hundreds of volunteers each 2ndSaturday of the month to provide in-need seniors with home repairs, fellowship, and love. As our volunteers journey out each month, relationships start to get built. Often these relationships will continue throughout the month and year as we start to see how we can help those in need.


Now is the perfect time to partner us as we make greater strides in the underserved neighborhoods God has called us to. I’m honored to have the privilege of making a difference in some incredible people’s lives.


If you find yourself looking for how you too can make a difference, how you too can become the hands and feet of Christ, how you too can become a missionary in a strange new land, please look no further than 2ndSaturday. You have skills that can be leveraged to make a huge impact! These skills can be organizational, financial, or just the ability to patiently sit down with someone and provide them a ray of light through your loving conversation. Come serve, give, and become a part of something that is changing lives.






As a 501(c3) community development corporation, we currently have two streams of focused, local impact:


  1. Mobilizing volunteers, local churches and the neighborhood to meet the home repair needs of seniors and the disabled throughout Dallas’ inner city

  2. Employing and empowering felons through jobs in landscaping, construction and automotive while also providing vocational training, life skills, and Christian discipleship

2ndSaturday started out as a monthly event, but has grown into a community development corporation that seeks not only to serve, but to help empower residents of West and South Dallas.


We’re committed to living out community development best practices in order to “help without hurting” those we serve, even when we do events and projects that have a relief focus. Consequently, we:


Avoid paternalism. Always work in conjunction with trusted nonprofit/church/civic/community partners, so that our efforts are aligned with the long-term goals and development of a neighborhood, rather than being imposed on it from the outside.


Only help those who can’t help themselves. Focus on meeting the strategic needs of “community pillars”: residents who are invested in and are actively being a positive force for good in their neighborhood.


Provide partnership, not handouts. As best we can, we seek to come alongside the community in meeting that community’s needs. Development is best done relationally.


See the assets of the community, not just the needs. The communities we serve have challenges, but they are also filled with incredible, creative, resilient people made in the image of God who want to see their streets thrive.


Believe the Gospel changes everything. We believe in a God who loved us enough to sacrifice everything to meet us at our point of deepest need. Our desire is to be an expression of that love to those we serve.


2016 Total Budget: $260,000

Operations & Administrative Costs






At 2S, we're radically committed to leveraging the time, talents & treasure of our staff, volunteers, donors, corporate & church partners towards direct impact into local Dallas communities in need.


10% Grants   

23% Church Partners

7% Corporate Donations

35% Individual donations/Events

25% Social Enterprise Revenue



For the 1st time, this February our board and staff retreated to a cabin in Broken Bow, OK to connect with God and each other, and to recast our organizational mission, vision and values.


While we’ve had a presence in Fair Park for a few years, 2016 saw our work on 2ndSaturdays in Fair Park more than double as community partnerships deepened and doors were opened.

2S TRAILS 2016

F2S Trails is becoming an annual fundraising adventure for 2ndSaturday. This summer TWO brave teams spent a week enduring the elements and making summit attempts in Colorado’s Sawatch range, and in the process raised over $20,000 to meet the needs of seniors in West and South Dallas.


2SHomes completed its first house flip, building a home from nothing but a pile of ashes! Using guys from 2S Industries, we were able to employ 16 former felons and provide them with exposure to and knowledge of each phase of the rebuilding process.


2ndSaturday had its best North Texas Giving Day ever. This year we raised over $45,000 to continue directly serving our friends in West and South Dallas. 

In addition, Triumph Bank hosted a golf tournament which benefitted 2S, raising over $50,000 which will dramatically help grow 2S Industries in 2017.


Through our increased exposure this year with the UW GroundFloor program, Triumph Golf Invitational we have been able to increase awareness across the US surrounding the needs of West and South Dallas, and expand our resources deployed.

Stories of Transformation


Ms. Betty

The Blyth House


We met Byron through mutual friends at another nonprofit. He had recently reentered society after a spending a significant amount of time in prison.  Though eager for a second chance and ready to work hard to help provide for his family, like many incredible people with a past, he was growing in life and in God, but struggling to find work...


into a Life

On serving Ms.Betty

by Jennifer Thibault

2S Industries & the Blythe House


new headquarters

For several years, we’ve had the privilege of officing with our friends and partners at HIS Bridgebuilders in West Dallas. Now they and us are moving out before the start of 2017. We could not be more excited about the prospect of finding a strategic space for our operations, one that can accommodate the growth of 2S Industries and provide a centralized base for our service events. We are searching/praying to find the right fit in Dallas’ wild real estate market, and asking Him to provide the financial resources we need to make it happen. We look forward to seeing God show up in huge ways.

Affordable housing

As 2S Industries expands, we plan to fill a growing need for affordable housing in West and South Dallas through a revolutionary concept utilizing shipping containers to build homes in these neighborhoods. The benefit is two-fold; as we provide the community with affordable, safe, and beautiful homes they can be proud of, with the potential of becoming homeowners, we also employ former felons and provide them marketable job skills, a legitimate income to support their families, and on the job mentorship/discipleship.  


We thank you for your prayers as we launched 2S Homes this year and we would be truly humbled for you to continuing praying that God would continue to be glorified and use 2S Industries to make an eternal impact in the inner-city.

2S Industries

As 2S Industries takes on our Affordable Housing Project, we will naturally expand our presence in the community, by building positive, impactful, relationships with the community members and by employing more guys eager for a hand up and a second chance. We're looking for corporate hiring partners for employment and continued career growth. 


We plan to expand the scope of care for our 2S Industries employees by incorporating a holistic approach to case management. Key areas of focus will include spiritual growth/discipleship, legal resources and assistance, leadership development, mental health, advocacy, and connections to resources that assist the unique demographic we employ.



"What's the best part of your job?"

Todd Fields,


I love being in the actual streets meeting with men society has discarded, and they know it. Being able to be known and to know them all the while offering them hope and a path out of despair. Tough to beat that!

Marcus Toussaint,

Vice President

Working with our volunteer leaders and incredible partners while having a front row seat to life-change!

Ashley Thomas,

Executive Assistant

I love working alongside people who have a deep love for The Lord and that we get to freely incorporate that into our work.

Martin Evans,

Project Manager

I have never felt so connected to a ministry that is so perfectly aligned with What God has called me to do. My favorite part is working alongside our men, mentoring  & letting God use me to make disciples.


Mill City Neighborhood Association of Fair Park

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