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Our Story

It all started with a few friends helping repair one West Dallas resident's home on a Saturday morning in 2009. The next month, they invited a few more friends and twice as many folks came to help out. That pattern continued, doubling month after month, and now 2ndSaturday is a standing opportunity for hundreds of Dallas residents, businesses and churches to make an impact on the lives of those in our poorest communities.


But 2ndSaturday isn't just an event. For many it's become a 2nd chance. As relationships with community residents grew, our desire and opportunity to provide pathways out of systemic poverty for our new friends, particularly at-risk men, grew as well. 

So when we're not mobilizing Dallas to come together and help transform its neediest neighborhoods, we're busy partnering with, employing and investing in the lives of former felons, drug-dealers and gang-members through growing sustainable businesses that provide much needed income, experience and life-skills to those society often gives up on. 


We're 10 years in, and just getting started on our mission to Reach Lives, Restore Hope and Redeem Community. We envision entire neighborhoods across DFW experiencing holistic renewal through partnering with the communities we serve. You could be a huge part of what's next! 

Our Values

Christ-Centered—We unashamedly love Jesus and exist to be used by God, for His glory in the inner city. That’s what we’re about. Matt. 6:33


Relational—Everything we do is about people, not projects. Our work moves at the speed of relationship. Eph. 5:1-2


Entrepreneurial—We’re a largely volunteer-led non-profit with a business start-up spirit. We’re solutions-oriented self-starters. Eccl. 9:10


Consistent—We’re about being flexible where it counts and faithful with the little we bring to the table, in order to bear fruit in the communities we serve. Psalms 37:3


Servant-Hearted—We seek the interest’s of others’ first; our posture towards the people in the neighborhoods we serve is rooted in humility. Phil 2:5-11


All-in—We’re committed to using our gifting, skill sets and experience to be and do our best for those living on the margins in our city. Luke 14:27-28

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