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Love the outdoors. Love your neighbor.

Our weeklong endurance adventures in America's wild spaces that meets the home repair needs of senior citizens in South Dallas.

Each 2S Trails expedition is a challenging week of summiting multiple "14'ers" (14,000+ ft. peaks) in a region of Colorado or backpacking in epic remote US locations to raise money to meet the needs of low-income seniors throughout Dallas' communities in need. It's like a nonprofit run on steroids and Clif Bars. While trip specifics are currently being developed, as part of the 2021 team you may:

  • Backpack to designated basecamp(s)   

  • Spend the week camping at high altitude

  • Hike 30+ miles through challenging terrain and summit some of the highest peaks in the continental US

  • Make great new friends and enjoy mind-blowing scenery in mountainous wilderness settings

  • Raise funds that will make a direct impact on the lives of multiple senior citizens and disabled neighbors in need    

Hiking near Maroon Bells
Summiting Red Cloud
Hiking up snowy Bierstadt
Descending near Crested Butte
Glacier Peak Wilderness
Backpacking camp
Follow the red hat
Sunrise summit on Mt. Huron
Summit yoga
Our first team ever

Some highlights from previous trips

Our purpose is to enable hikers to serve others while learning, and pushing, their limits. Each hiker is asked to raise $2,000 ($3,000 per married couple) in support for 2ndSaturday, which will go to serve the seniors and disabled in our local community. In the past 6 years, 2S Trails participants have raised over $150,000 to meet the needs of seniors in Dallas.

Trip Dates:

Wyoming Backpacking Trip: August 14th-21st *2021 TRIP ROSTER FULL* 

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Amanda, 2017

Such a fun trip. My husband and I love hiking and backpacking. We love the challenge, the friends made, and the opportunity to summit 14er's. Great way to raise money and awareness for an awesome cause!

Brady, 2019

Amazing in so many ways and God shows me so much each time I've gone.

You guys rock!

Lauren, 2019

This trip allowed me to be in nature and spend time with God in ways I haven't been able to in years. The relationships and community formed there were such a massive blessing..