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A Year of


The 2018 Report

"Will I be able to find a job after I get out of prison?"


"Will my home ever be safe & warm again?"


"Will I finally get the help I need?"


This year, 2ndSaturday's homeowners, ex-offenders, volunteers, and staff received a resounding YES to the meeting of their needs, opportunities, and vision. And we're celebrating!


Our Best Year Yet


Our neighbors in West and South Dallas are used to hearing the word “No.” 


No, the city doesn’t have the resources to assist you. 

No, we don’t hire former felons. 

No, your needs cannot be met at this time.


Yet at 2ndSaturday, we feel privileged to get to say yes to meeting key needs of residents in the communities we serve in ways that empower them and affirm their God-given dignity. Whether it’s through seeing the pride that a former gang-member or drug-dealer feels through tears of joy when they earn their first legitimate paycheck (a common occurrence around 2S Industries) or by the joy shown on a senior’s face when they learn they’ll finally receiving the home repairs they’ve needed desperately for months or years, we regularly get a front-row seat to ways that God is pushing back darkness all around us. This year in particular is one in which we are celebrating, like in 2 Cor. 1:20, how “all the promises are yes…”


From the start of 2018, 2ndSaturday received a resounding yes to our ask for more opportunities to employ and empower even more ex-offenders more sustainably than ever before! We also got a yes to sending our first ever leadership team internationally to Haiti. Our long-held hope for a new season of community effectiveness through purchasing and moving into our new headquarters in South Dallas? Yes. 2ndSaturday’s volunteer leadership is stronger than ever, and I’m constantly amazed by the ways in which you all are leveraging your time, talent, and treasure to make a meaningful impact in your own backyard. We’ve seen vision caught, hearts changed, racial barriers overcome, streets made safer, and manhood restored.


Sure, we got some no’s too. Some rained out events, some difficult conversations, some friends we love who chose the wrong path and returned to a life behind bars. Those things are just the price of admission to this work.


Yet I’ve never been more encouraged or excited about how 2ndSaturday is positioned to make a deeper impact with our friends in West and South Dallas this next year. It’s been our best year in so many ways. But could the best still be yet to come? I believe God is telling us, “Yes!”

Todd Fields



Jason Haggard


The story of my city, Dallas, TX is really a tale of two cities. It’s one of the richest cities known for its abundance of opportunities. But Dallas is also home to some of the poorest neighborhoods in America, with neighbors that are in need, and that are often forgotten by the more visible and affluent. Imagine if you had to choose between eating and keeping the lights on?  What if your house was in disrepair, falling down around you and you had no money for repairs?  These are some of the obstacles that our neighbors in West and South Dallas face daily.  This is where 2ndSaturday works to give hope and help our friends in need as a volunteer led movement that exists to inspire and empower our forgotten neighbors to experience their God-given value though relationship, service, and community transformation.


Our mission depends on thousands of volunteers each year who use their God-given talents to serve others sacrificially. The volunteers develop long lasting relationships with our neighbors, and continue to come back to serve in the community. 

Our social business, 2S Industries, provides jobs, mentoring, and Christian fellowship for men coming out of prison, through a landscaping and home restoration business.  These jobs develop the skills and hearts of these men, and will teach and inspire them to be leaders in their home, and in the community.

Now is the time to partner with 2ndSaturday and employ your gifts, talents, and resources to further God’s Kingdom in our city.  Having been a part of this since we began years ago, I am honored to serve alongside talented people each month to help make a difference in local people’s lives. I know it’s made a huge difference in mine.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference, join us! Use your talents and resources to make a difference in people’s life and be the church in action.  There is no need to travel halfway around the world to be an ambassador of grace, you can be one right here in Dallas. Whether it’s construction, organization, marketing, data, finance and much more, God can use you to help our neighbors in need!  We would love to serve alongside you this next year. I encourage you to come out to serve, support our work financially and in prayer and advocacy, and join this movement of everyday folks doing extraordinary things in our city.

In Him,



As a 501(c3) community development corporation, we currently have two streams of focused, local impact:


  1. Mobilizing volunteers, local churches and the neighborhood to meet the home repair needs of seniors and the disabled throughout Dallas’ inner city

  2. Employing and empowering felons through jobs in landscaping, construction and automotive while also providing vocational training, life skills, and Christian discipleship

2ndSaturday started out as a monthly event, but has grown into a community development corporation that seeks not only to serve, but to help empower residents of West and South Dallas.


We’re committed to living out community development best practices in order to “help without hurting” those we serve, even when we do events and projects that have a relief focus. Consequently, we:


Avoid paternalism. Always work in conjunction with trusted nonprofit/church/civic/community partners, so that our efforts are aligned with the long-term goals and development of a neighborhood, rather than being imposed on it from the outside.


Only help those who can’t help themselves. Focus on meeting the strategic needs of “community pillars”: residents who are invested in and are actively being a positive force for good in their neighborhood.


Provide partnership, not handouts. As best we can, we seek to come alongside the community in meeting that community’s needs. Development is best done relationally.


See the assets of the community, not just the needs. The communities we serve have challenges, but they are also filled with incredible, creative, resilient people made in the image of God who want to see their streets thrive.


Believe the Gospel changes everything. We believe in a God who loved us enough to sacrifice everything to meet us at our point of deepest need. Our desire is to be an expression of that love to those we serve.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.13.21


2018 Total Budget: $368,100

Operations & Administrative Costs






At 2S, we're not only committed to robust final stewardship, but to optimizing the return-on-investment of the time, talents & treasure of our staff, volunteers, donors, corporate & church partners 

to direct impact. Volunteers and our social business increase our efficiency, multiplying every dollar donated into $3 worth of community impact.

Did you know? Since we began, our social enterprise 2S Industries has generated over $1,000,000 of revenue which has been directly reinvested into serving our friends in West and South Dallas.



8% Grants   

23% Church Partners

4% Corporate Donations

16% Individual donations/Events

49% Social Enterprise Revenue

YES! You made it happen: By the numbers


Volunteers Mobilized


Residents Served


Homes Rehabilitated


Volunteer Hours Given


Ex-Offenders Employed


Partners Served

2S Industries


“I’m so glad that I chose to work for 2SI. They fight for us! We’re looked at as more than employees, but like family. You don’t run across organizations like this every day. It makes me feel good about myself.”

     -Vernon, 2S Industries crew member

Yes, we’ve been absolutely blown away this year. This year saw 2S Industries providing more opportunity to more men reentering society after prison than ever before. Through your generosity, we were able to acquire the tools, trucks, trailers needed and to win bids on work to provide gap employment to over 40 men.


This year our hope for a South Dallas base of operations went from a dream and a drawing to reality.

Our staff has moved into our new facility, strategically located near many of our key partners, the neighbors and neighborhoods that we serve, and with easy public transportation options for the clients and ex-offenders that we employ.

We look forward to years of fruitful ministry impact from a space that we see as an embassy of hope and opportunity in an incredible community! 

Coming in 2019

The 2S Industries Training Center: a warehouse/workshop space to provide hands-on job, trade, & life skills instruction and mentorship

From the staff,homeowners, 2SI crew,board and leaders of 2ndSaturday,

Thanks for making it an incredible year!

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